Hi, my name is Henrik and I created this blog to record the movies I’ve watched.

I’ve attached stars to it:

**** favorite – this is for movies that is my favorites

*** must watch – this is for movies that everybody needs to watch

** can watch – this is for movies that can be watched by others

* don’t watch – this is for movies that I don’t want anybody to watch

I’ve added WordPress categories for those stars, so I can see all the movies in each category.

I’ve also added WordPress categories for the year when the movie was made. This allows me to see all movies made a specific year.

I’ve made WordPress tags for the name of the main characters of the movie. This way I can see which movies a particular actor made.

For the poster of the image taken from IMDB on the net, I’ve made them Featured Image on WordPress.

I’m using a WordPress movie poster Theme called Visual.