Shoot the Piano Player (French: Tirez sur la pianiste. Danish: Skyd på pianisten)

I saw this on DVD borrowed from the local library. Unfortunately the format of screen on the DVD was so that each side was a bit cut off, so faces that were positioned to the far left or right was cut in half, a bit unfortunate. I have to say the story of the movie was okay, but it was told in a very hap-hazard way, a bit chaotic. And the lines were a bit outrageous or pompous. I’m not sure I liked it even though somebody consider it a classic. See more at Rotten Tomatoes. This is the second movie by Francois Truffaut that I’ve seen lately, the first one was Vivement dimanche! Imdb and Rotten Tomatoes disagree on when the film was, Imdb says 1960 and Rotten Tomatoes says 1962. Maybe 1962 was the American premiere.


The little shop of horrors

I had to watch this – I thought Jack Nicholson had a big part in it. Apparently he did not. Also the film was not funny although it tried. I watched it on Netflix. See more on Rotten Tomatoes.