The princess bride (Danish: prinsessen og de skøre riddere)

I saw this on Netflix. I saw it for 2 reasons: one is that Mark Knopfler (which I like) made the music. The second reason is high percentage the movie received on Rotten Tomates (90-something). I was not that blown away. It is a bit silly here and there (for example the scenes with Billy Crystal). See more at Rotten Tomatoes.


Lethal weapon (Danish: Dødbringende våben)

I saw this on Netflix because I had just heard Leonard Martin podcast with Richard Donner, who is the director of the 4 Lethal Weapon movies, so I checked if Netflix had any movies made by him. I remember some of the later movies and I remember that it had too much violence in it and I have to say that the first movie also had too much violence and too few laughs. See more at Rotten Tomatoes.