Last love

I saw this on a DVD borrowed from the local library. I believe I have seen this movie before, possibly when it was new and shown in the cinemas. There were some places/scenes that somehow felt recognizable. The story in short is that he is tiring of living, when he’s wife has passed away and he’s alone. He then meets a woman that somehow is involved in his life – more than the other women that is currently in his life. See more at Rotten Tomatoes.


American hustle

Who is cheating who in this movie. That is the question, but there is nobody to hoot for. I mean there is really no one I want to win. There are a few laughs in this supposedly comedy, but I was disappointed. See more at Rotten Tomatoes.

Red 2

I saw this on Netflix. A typical sequel I guess. There was a good story in the first movie, but since it was a success let’s make a second one, only this one has no real story. Just a let of mayhem, fighting and shooting. See more at Rotten Tomatoes.