Our souls at night (Danish: Vores sjæle om natten)

I saw this Redford and Fonda movie on Netflix today. A bit slow and it was more focused on solving some problems with her family. I wish it would focus more on their relationship. See more on Rotten Tomatoes.



I saw this on the online version of one of the DR channels – I did not know that it was available, but it was on the front page I saw it. I saw it in the cinema when it was new and I had (again) difficulty in cheering for the hero. He was a bit too slick for my taste. But it was otherwise an effective thriller. Let’s not talk about how likely or probable it is. See more on Rotten Tomatoes.


This western was on DR-2 and I saw it today. It had a few good laughs and a fine start to the story. But in the middle it was a bid boring and long-winding. I could not guess the ending however. See more on Rotten Tomatoes.