The day will come (Danish: Der kommer en dag)

I saw this Danish movie on DVD borrowed from the local library.


Babylon Berlin

Apparently there are two seasons. Although only season one is available for viewing on the local Danish tv DR. So far I have seen 4 out of the 8 episodes from season 1 that are available. After the first episode I was considering if I should continue watching. There were none of the characters that I was cheering for and really nobody that I was curious to see what happened to them. I read some reviews about this series and one thing they all mentioned was that this was the most expensive non-English series made to date – as if I cared – that makes no difference it is worth watching or not. Anyway, I decided to hang on for now anyway. All the characters has some kind of a flaw. I guess at that time in 1929-1930 in Germany everybody was trying to get along and survive. See more at Rotten Tomatoes.


I saw this Danish movie on Netflix. It as about a stand up comedian that has a 16 year old daughter he has neglected and how they have a kind of relationship again. He has also had a downturn and that is probably why the movie has been named Comeback.